Retractable ID Card Holder with Strap

This retractable ID card holder is perfect for office employees who need to scan their ID's regularly, it attaches to clothing to keep cards safe and on hand at all times. Metal clip at the back easily attaches the retractable ID cardholder to your clothing to keep card visible and accessible. The ID card attaches to the cardholder with a strap and snap button mechanism. The nylon cord effortlessly pulls the badge towards the card reader without removing your card. This retractable ID card holder extends up to 75 cm and then retracts.

  • Retractable ID card holder
  • Nylon string
  • Effortless and smooth retraction
  • Extends up to 75 cm
  • Strap and snap button mechanism to hold the card

NOTE: It does not include card

Supplier Part No: 9800008

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