Credit Card Transactions

At School Depot we use third party payment provider and hence we do not have access to customers credit card details. 

Customer statement showing double transactions

On rare occasion you will see that your statement is showing that you have been charged twice. This is shown in the image below.

This happens because there is a two step process when charging cards

  1. Authorisation
  2. Charge capture

What this means is payment provider initially query the credit card company to confirm if there is available balance and make sure all the security details are correct. This is authorisation step, and the amount is shown on the statement.

Once the authorisation step is completed it is then converted to an actual charge on the account. Sometimes this can take a couple of business days to reflect on customers statement as their bank handles the process and should drop off naturally. 

If it does not drop off in a couple of days, we need a copy of entire statement in order to be able to perform an investigation.

In the below image you will see a phone number just below the second transaction. This is your point of contact at School Depot. You can call on this number if you have any concerns.

Double charge on customers Credit Card

In case you need further clarification please contact School Depot on 09 6001306 or by email