Carbon Neutral Checkout

Your Shipment Is Carbon Neutral

We use Planet App to calculate the Carbon Emissions of your courier. When you purchase from School Depot, a part of purchase price goes to fund companies like Grassroot Carbons, that are proving, scaling, and commercializing climate solutions for massive impact in the long term.We support companies like Grassroots Carbon, which enables farmers to capture carbon in soil.

  • Neutralizes your shipping emissions.
  • Funds nature-based carbon removal options such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration.

Understanding carbon removal 

We neutralizes your shipping emissions and by removeing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is the process of capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then storing it.

For example, if a truck or a plane that delivers your shipment releases 1 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, then through Carbon Credit system we ensures that 1kg of CO2 is also sucked from the atmosphere and stored away using solutions and technologies in Shopify Sustainability Fund.

Calculating your shipping emissions

The Planet app combines data from your store with industry data and peer-reviewed models to estimate how much CO2 your shipments release into the environment. Because the Planet app makes sure that CO2 shipping emissions are removed entirely, all values that are used in the data models are rounded up.

Review the following table to learn more about the which data is used to determine shipping emissions:

Factor Primary value If primary value isn't available
Weight Weight of the shipment An average shipment weight
Distance Distance traveled according to the tracking data Straight-line distance between the origin and destination address, multiplied by an uncertainty factor of 1.5
Type of transportation Truck or plane carbon emissions, determined by speed and distance Truck emissions


There is a fast-growing and evolving sector with many carbon removal technologies in different stages of development. These technologies include nature-based solutions, such as reforestation and soil carbon sequestration and more high-tech solutions, such as direct air capture and mineralization.

To estimate your emissions, the Planet app uses order tracking data associated with the tracking number assigned to the shipment. If the tracking number isn’t available or the shipping carrier isn’t supported, then the Planet app multiplies the estimated emissions by an uncertainty factor of 1.5. The uncertainty factor helps make sure that all your emissions are removed. If any data is inconsistent or missing, then the Planet app uses a reasonable maximum value instead.

For example, suppose that you ship a package from Auckland to Wellington. The shortest road route is around 644.8 km. If tracking data is available, then the Planet app uses the exact distance traveled.

However, if no tracking data is provided, then 644.8 km is used in the base calculation, and the resulting emissions would be multiplied by 1.5. This calculation accounts for variations in the route, such as distances traveled from post offices and distribution centers, and the route taken by the courier to deliver the package to your customer's door.