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Japanese Workbook Book 2 iiTomo Year 10 9781442553026

Japanese Workbook Book 2 iiTomo Year 10 9781442553026

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Japanese Work Book iiTomo 

Japanese workbook iiTomo is perfect for students learning Japanese language. Updated engaging activities offer even more support and differentiated learning opportunities whilst allowing students to track their progress for deeper motivation. The write-in iiTomo workbook caters to a variety of learning styles, offering opportunities to practise and reinforce key skills and learning. Japanese activity book iiTomo features carefully sequenced and paced tasks including spiralling of learning. The comprehensive practice of new language and script with opportunities for extension. This Japanese activity book iiTomo has a new chapter-opening page: tasks to identify prior knowledge and motivation, as well as cultural insights to spark interest. This Japanese activity book iiTomo can be used in class or independently.

  • Japanese workbook 
  • Year 10
  • Carefully sequenced and paced tasks

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