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Elizabeth Richards

Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Stool Ocean Blue

Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Stool Ocean Blue

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Wriggle Stool

Dramatically improve posture and productivity whilst saying goodbye to sitting still with our wobble stools for kids! One of the best features of flexible seating and future-focused, modern classrooms is that you can work with your wrigglers and fidgeters instead of constantly battling to force them to conform.

Elizabeth Richards Wriggle Stool

Not only is sitting still hard work for little wrigglers in the classroom, recent studies prove that sitting still does more damage than good to young and old. Our Wriggle Stool for kids embraces the concept that moving while you work actually enhances focus and retention - making learning and teaching easier and more enjoyable!

  • Wriggle stool
  • Enhance focus and retention
  • Available in 2 colours: Ocean Blue and Lake Green.
  • Measures: L:  33cm  x  W: 33cm x  H: 45cm (fixed height).
  • Weight 3.14 kgs
  • Will hold a maximum weight of 125kg.

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