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Despicable Me-2

Despicable Me-2 Stationery Set 8 in 1 Pink

Despicable Me-2 Stationery Set 8 in 1 Pink

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Stationery Set for Kids

This is the perfect stationery set for children for use in school or at home.  It is also a great gift or return gift for children parties. The stationery set includes a clear pencil case with a Despicable Me-2 image on it, a 15cm plastic ruler, three pencils, two pencil caps and a matching eraser and sharpener.  Children's who like Despicable Me-2 will love this stationery set.

  • 8 in 1 stationery set
  • 3 x pencils
  • 2 x pencil caps
  • 1 x 15cm plastic ruler
  • 1 x pencil eraser
  • 1 x pencil sharpener

Item: Despicable Me-2 Stationery Set 8 in 1 Pink

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