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Camlin Kokuyo

Camlin Plastic Crayons Erasable Tube of 12 Shades

Camlin Plastic Crayons Erasable Tube of 12 Shades

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Plastic Crayons Tube of 12

These crayons are well known for their durability, radiant colours, smudge-free and clean drawing. They are easy to sharpen using an ordinary sharpener and can be easily erased using an ordinary eraser. The unique hexagonal shape allows children to grip the crayons firmly and sharpen them easily without slipping. The hexagonal shape of these crayons also prevents them from rolling off desks and breaking.

  • 12 Shades
  • Easy to erase
  • Easy to sharpen 
  • Comes in a tin container
  • Extra clean on hands and fabrics
  • Easy to carry

Camlin Plastic Crayons Hexagonal Shape


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