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Angry Birds Oil Pastels 18 Shades

Angry Birds Oil Pastels 18 Shades

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Oil Pastels 

These oil pastels are perfect for school or home use for colouring, over-colouring and for scraping techniques. It is a pack of 18 bright colours that adheres to smooth surfaces and are highly break-resistant, non-toxic and water-proof. Each oil pastel has Angry Birds paper sleeve, and their hexagonal shape prevents them from rolling over.

Angry Birds Oil Pastels 18 Shades

  • Adheres to all smooth surfaces
  • Highly break-resistant
  • Paper sleeve 
  • Water-proof
  • 18 brilliant colours
  • 10mm diameter
  • Length 70mm
  • Hexagonal shape

Item: Angry Birds Oil Pastels 18 Shades

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