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Angry Bird Twistable Crayons 11.5cm 12 Shades

Angry Bird Twistable Crayons 11.5cm 12 Shades

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Twistable crayons

These twistable crayons are perfect for colouring and art at school or home. They are break-resistant, long-lasting (no sharpening required), bright and colour intensive twistable crayons in the transparent barrel. These crayons need no peeling or sharpening: non-toxic crayons just twists out of the plastic barrel. Perfect for those tiny hands. Just twist and draw and enjoy mess-free colouring.

  • 12 Quality twisters
  • Crisp, bright colours
  • Non-Toxic
  • Colour Intensive wax
  • Break-resistant
  • Line width 6 mm

Item: Twistable Crayons Angry Bird 11.5cm 12 Shades 

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