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Staedtler Mars Matic 700 M05 Technical Drawing Pen 0.5mm

Staedtler Mars Matic 700 M05 Technical Drawing Pen 0.5mm

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Technical Drawing Pen Mars Matic

The STAEDTLER Mars Matic is an excellent choice for drawing with ink on a drawing board and drawing paper for drafting technicians, architects, cartographers and artists all rely on high-quality technical pens for professional drawing and design work. In the past, drawing pens were used to draw with ink. However, modern technical pens with hard chrome drafting tubes enable you to achieve maximum precision.

Staedtler Mars Matic 700 M05 Technical Drawing Pen 0.5mm

A channel inside the technical pen ensures optimum pressure equalisation. At the same time, a movable drop weight controls the steady flow of drawing ink onto the paper via a tube located at the pen's tip, resulting in a consistent line width determined by the tube's diameter.  

  • 0.5mm Tip
  • Hard chrome-plated drafting tube

  • Steady ink flow thanks to an ink collector system

  • No drying up of ink thanks to the double sealing system in the cap

  • Standard line widths are ISO and DIN colour coded

  • Technical pens are suitable for work on drafting and tracing paper as well as matt drafting film using drawing ink 745 M2-9.
  • Easy to refill from a bottle or with a cartridge 

  • Spare drafting point: 750 M05

Part: 700 M05

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