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Staedtler Mars® 576 01 F Circle Template

Staedtler Mars® 576 01 F Circle Template

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Circle Guide Template

Staedtler Mars circle template is perfect for drafting, technical drawing, and for drawing circles of various sizes. It is made of a flat, transparent and durable plastic with cut-out circles of different diameters. Place the template on a drawing surface and draw the desired circle through the appropriate cut-out. It includes additional features, such as inking edges or guidelines to help with drawing straight lines along with the circles.

Staedtler Mars® 576 01 F Circle Template

The template features 45 circular stencils from 1mm to 36mm in diameter, with some half millimeter increments and some 1mm increments. Two additional circles allow you to measure curves to specific angles. Ideal for designing rings, findings and other circular or curved jewellery components, this template will help to make the process of manufacturing.

  • Durable transparent plastic
  • 45 circle stencil
  • For circles from 1-36mm in diameter
  • From 1-10 mm diameter in 0.5 mm increments
  • From 11-36 mm diameter in 1 mm increments
  • With inking edge

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