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Staedtler Mars® 567 Set square 60˚/30˚ 31cm

Staedtler Mars® 567 Set square 60˚/30˚ 31cm

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Set Square 31cm 60°/ 30°

Staedtler Mars set squares are perfect for drafting and geometry to draw precise angles. These set squares are essential tools in various fields such as architecture, engineering, and graphic design. They are used to create precise angles, especially when drawing technical diagrams, blueprints, or other detailed drawings. By aligning one side of the set square with the edge of the paper, drafters can easily draw lines at specific angles with accuracy.

Staedtler Mars® 567 Set square 60˚/30˚ 31cm

  • 60˚/30˚ 31cm
  • Plastic, transparent blue
  • With inking edge
  • Scale begins directly at the edge
  • Made in Germany

Part: 567 31-60

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