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Staedtler French Curves 571 Mars 3 Shapes A, B & C

Staedtler French Curves 571 Mars 3 Shapes A, B & C

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French Curves: Precise drawing of curves

The STAEDTLER French curve set includes three templates for drawing curved lines. French curves also enable the precise drawing of trigonometric functions. These French curves also feature an inking edge: The edge leaves a gap between the underside of the template and the paper, which prevents ink from running and smudging while drawing.

  • Plastic, transparent blue
  • 3 shapes: A, B and C
  • With inking edge
  • For precise drawing of curves

Tip: To get the most out of your equipment and achieve professional results, we recommend purchasing set squares in various sizes as accessories to lettering guides and French curves.

Part: 571 40 WP

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