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Staedtler Flexible Curve 571 60-500 Blue 50cm

Staedtler Flexible Curve 571 60-500 Blue 50cm

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Flexible Curve

The Staedtler Flexible Curve in blue is a handy drawing tool used primarily in design, architecture, and engineering. It's essentially a bendable ruler that can be shaped into various curves and arcs, allowing for the creation of smooth, flowing lines that are difficult to achieve with traditional straight rulers. The 50cm length makes it suitable for projects, offering flexibility without being too cumbersome. Whether you're sketching out product designs, drafting architectural plans, or creating intricate artwork, the Staedtler Flexible Curve provides versatility and precision for your creative endeavors.

This flexible curve is made from high-quality materials that allow it to maintain its shape while still being easily adjustable to achieve the desired curve or arc. It's ideal for drafting intricate shapes, such as curves in boat hull designs or ergonomic contours in product designs. Whether you're working on technical drawings, illustrations, or creative designs, the Staedtler Flexible Curve 571 60-500 provides precision and reliability to bring your ideas to life.

  • 500mm or 50cm long 
  • Easy way to draw curves
  • Flexible 
  • Made in England

Part: 571 60-500

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