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Sharpie Highlighter Fluo 4 Pack Assorted

Sharpie Highlighter Fluo 4 Pack Assorted

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Sharpie Highlighter 4 Pack

The Sharpie Fluo highlighters feature an innovative three blade tip which is suitable for all highlighting styles, with a unique and versatile blade tip capable of producing multiple line widths. The long-lasting highlighters will write up to 400 metres, giving you great value and reliability for any creative project. Sharpies are known all over the world for their marker pens and highlighters, so you can expect the highest quality and performance from this four-pack of highlighters with high resistance to moisture, smearing and fading.

Sharpie Highlighter Fluo 4 Pack

  • 4 Colours - Green, Orange, Yellow and Pink
  • Longest lasting Sharpie® highlighter writes up to 400 metres
  • Unique and versatile blade tip delivers precise highlighting with multiple
  • Innovative 3 blade tip (0.75mm, 2.5mm and 5mm widths all in one pen)
  • Contains Smear Guard ® Ink Technology which is specially
  • Formulated to resist smearing many pen and marker inks
  • Comfortable, easy to hold, modern design
  • Quick-drying ink

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Item: Sharpie Highlighter Fluo 4 Pack

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