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Rubber Dice 53mm Assorted Colours

Rubber Dice 53mm Assorted Colours

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Large Rubber Dice

These rubber dice are great for kid-sized hands and have a soft landing when thrown. Sizes: 53mm. Supplied in assorted colours. Dice are excellent for teaching children about chance and probability, and other key maths concepts like number sense, counting, addition, subtraction and much more. The material ensures it lands silently when thrown to avoid loud noises in the classroom caused by rolling the dice. This makes it also perfect to use in a classroom by a smaller group of students, while other students can be working on other projects.

Large rubber dice are also perfect for more advanced lessons like probability. What is the chance to roll a 5? And what if you roll two dice? What happens if you change the 6-sided dice for 10-sided dice? Does the chance to roll a 5 change? Every classroom should have dice, from early primary to high school. It is a perfect hands-on manipulative to reinforce many important key maths concepts. Students will have fun while learning!

  • Rubber dice
  • 53mm each side
  • Assorted Colours supplied at random

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