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Professional Heavy Duty Canvas 12 x 36 Inch

Professional Heavy Duty Canvas 12 x 36 Inch

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Heavy-Duty Canvas for Artists

Professional is the stretched canvas of choice for aspiring artists to create more durable artwork for sale or show. Professional canvases are manufactured using heavy-duty 100% natural long-fibre cotton, making them more substantial than most off-the-shelf pre-stretched canvases on the market. The canvas is triple-primed with an acid-free acrylic gesso to ensure the integrity of your artwork. Adjustable stretcher bars are made from kiln-dried American plantation Pine with clean bevelled edges, ensuring no contact between the frame and the face of the canvas. We tailor our corners for a neat finish without cutting the canvas. Cutting corners reduces bulk for a neat appearance but compromises the ability to expand the corners or re-stretch your work without tearing. As with all pre-prepared canvas products, for additional luminosity and consistency of your paint film, a further application of a good quality primer compatible with the paint system you intend to use is advised.

  • Size 12 x 36 Inch
  • Made from heavy-duty 100% natural long fibre-cotton
  • Triple-primes with acid-free acrylic gesso
  • Adjustable stretcher bars
  • Bevelled edges

Part: CANE5312B1236

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