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PC Locs Carrier 20 Bay Charging Station Trolley for Laptops

PC Locs Carrier 20 Bay Charging Station Trolley for Laptops

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Charging Station/Trolley for Chromebooks, Laptops and Tablets 

PC Locs 20 device charging trolley offers more flexibility, is Modular and truly universal. The Carrier 20 Cart is suitable for all types of mobile devices like Chromebooks, Tablets, iPad's etc. This device charging station has Efficient Charging system called ECO Safe Charge™ that can handle the power requirements of almost any device by staging the availability of power to each bank of devices.

Timed Charging: Easily set your Cart to charge for a specified time. All programmable with the remote or from the Cart.

External charging status display: Quickly check if your devices are charging with the external display windows. ECO Safe Charge power management displays which bank of devices are charging as well as the charging mode that has been selected.

Large Baskets by PC Locs: Includes four 5-slot Carry Baskets giving users the flexibility to deploy Chromebook, Surface Pro, Tablet or iPad devices with ease. The new Large Baskets are lighter, easier to grip, and are designed to accommodate almost any device, with or without cases

Easy cable management: The Carrier 20 Cart features a side-channel cabling system which holds all the cables in place and keeps the power cords from catching on the baskets. Included Velcro ties allow you to organize cables into groups of five to coordinate with included baskets.

The large storage area: Stores up to 20 Chromebook, Surface Pro, Tablet or iPad devices and the Large Baskets that they are stored in.

Secure soft closing, sliding lid: The new single handle design allows the top surface of the cart to be used as a work surface. Serving as an ideal space to place baskets of devices for easy distribution, the surface can also easily keep a projector, printer or other items on top of the lid in space-strapped environments.

Highly Secure: Features a three-point locking system to keep your valuable devices safe. The new pad-lockable sliding lids secure your devices whilst they’re not in use. The combination padlock means there is no need to manage keys! Optional extra: Attach a heavy-duty anchor kit to secure the whole Cart down.

Product Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the main-frame. 12-month warranty on components (incl electrical components)



  • 20 device charging trolley
  • Includes 4 x 5-slot large carry baskets
  • Eco-Safe efficient charging system
  • Side-channel easy cable management system
  • Top sliding lid doubles as a work surface
  • 3-point locking system
  • External charging system display allows you to check the charging status of your device without opening the trolley
  • Easy to maneuver and guide trolley


  • Height: 934mm
  • Length: 707mm
  • Width: 490mm
  • Weight: 48.6 kg

What's inside the box?

  • Carrier 20 Cart by PC Locs (Charge only)
  • with ECO Safe Charge™ power management and remote control
  • Four Large 5-slot Baskets by PC Locs
  • Combination padlock with silicon case (no more keys!)
  • 3m extension cord
  • Protective mat
  • 20 velcro cable ties
  • Number stickers (for the baskets)
  • PC Locs key ring
  • Instruction manuals

Device Compatability

Click here to download the device compatibility document. Follow the instructions to determine whether your device fits.

Click here to download the Carrier 20 Device Rack template to see if your device is compatible.

Part: PCL8-10130

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