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Milan Replacement Ceramic Blade for Stick Cutter

Milan Replacement Ceramic Blade for Stick Cutter

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Replacement Ceramic Blade

This is a new generation Milan Stick edition ceramic blade for stick cutters. Non-contaminating, ceramic cutters are normally anti-bacterial since they do not have porosity. The key material in ceramics is chemically inert, non-porous, non-stick and impervious to acids, salt, and rust. Ceramic blades are also free of lubricants and oils that traditional metal blades require to combat premature rusting. This ceramic cutter is rustproof, non-magnetic & anti-static, non-conductive & non-sparking, and able to operate at high temperatures. It is of great use for craft users. Ideal for daily home, office and factory use.

Milan Ceramic Blade for Stick Cutter

  • Ceramic blade
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Lubricant and oil-free
  • Rustproof, non-magnetic & anti-static blade
  • 100,000 uses under the correct operation
  • Made in Spain 

Part: 214267

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