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Milan Anti-Bacterial Stick Sharpener + Eraser Turquoise

Milan Anti-Bacterial Stick Sharpener + Eraser Turquoise

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Stick Sharpener + Eraser

The Milan Stick+ is perfect for school or office for everyday sharpening and erasing. It is a combination of eraser and pencil sharpener with deposit. The product's body incorporates a biocide. The biocide is silver phosphate glass (CAS 308069-39-8) with antibacterial effect. Ideal to improve hygiene at school, in the office, in environments in contact with food and sanitary environments.

Rectangular long flexible eraser, made of synthetic rubber. The pencil sharpener has a sharp and resistant steel blade which makes it ideal for all varieties of pencils. Safety blade system which prevents the blade from becoming detached from the body of the pencil sharpener.

  • Ani-bacterial 
  • Eraser + pencil sharpener
  • Long flexible eraser
  • Safety steel blade
  • Pencil sharpener with deposit

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