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Marbig Resealable Polybag Zip Lock 65 x 75mm Pack of 50

Marbig Resealable Polybag Zip Lock 65 x 75mm Pack of 50

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Zip Lock Bags

Organise your belongings with these resealable polybags. They are perfect for home, office or school for storing loose items. The self-sealing closure ensures that the bag can be re-sealed and stay closed. It has unlimited applications.

These bags are made of durable 40-micron clear recyclable plastic so you can view the contents. The red line on top indicates the opening of the resealable polybag. When these bags are correctly closed, they are water and air-tight, making them excellent for storing various items, including food, medical items etc. 

  • Durable 40-micron clear plastic
  • Resealable polybag
  • 65 x 75 mm
  • Pack of 50
  • Water and air-tight

Part: 480582

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