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Lenovo Ebook Tablet 10.3" Smart Paper E-Ink Android™ AOSP-11.0 with Stylus Pen

Lenovo Ebook Tablet 10.3" Smart Paper E-Ink Android™ AOSP-11.0 with Stylus Pen

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Smart Paper Ebook Tablet

The future of note-taking has arrived

As a notepad, you couldn't ask for anything more from the Lenovo Smart Paper. Choose from 74 templates, each with near-unlimited pages, to handle any task, from to-do lists and technical drawing to musical notation. Write on screen (with pen, included) and the notepad can convert your handwriting to digital text for easy viewing later.  You can also instantly edit or move around your existing notes anywhere on the page.

Time to ditch the pencil case

Boxed with the Lenovo Smart Paper is the Lenovo Smart Paper Pen. Featuring nine pen types, including pen, pencil, highlighter, marker, and paint brush, it boasts 25ms latency and 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt detection. As a result, you can draw, shade, sketch, and illustrate with real precision, plus enjoy a more natural pen-on-paper feeling. What's more, this always-on pen uses electro-magnetic resonance technology, so you'll never have to charge it.

One small device, one colossal library

Thanks to*, you can access more than two million books on the Lenovo Smart Paper. As well as having all the reading material you could need at your fingertips, you can view everything in almost any file format, from epub to pdf and docx. So you can make notes and write over anything, guilt-free—with highlighting, bookmarks, and annotations. You can also boost your vocabulary by tapping on any single word to find its definition via the smart dictionary.

* Access to books on requires a separate subscription and is not included in the purchase of this product

Reading has never been more relaxing

Now, you can read more comfortably without eye strain, night, and day. Even in low-light settings, such as a dark airplane cabin or in bed at night, the dual-colour front light on the 10.3" matte antiglare E-Ink screen will auto-adjust to correct the brightness, up to 26 levels.  You can also zoom in/out and adjust text size. And with a battery that lasts for weeks, you can read books to your heart's content, while listening to relaxing ambient music via the immersive reading mode.

Never lose your notes again

It's one thing to make notes, it's another to be able to find them when you need them. With the Lenovo Smart Paper App, you can do both, instantly. As well as storing your notes and files locally on your device, you can use the app to sync them to the cloud, secured behind a password. Requiring a Lenovo Smart Paper subscription, this optional cloud-storage service also enables you access your notes and transfer files from other devices, such as phone or laptop.

Because time waits for no one

Got an important interview, presentation, or lecture? Why waste time making notes when you can just audio-record everything on the Lenovo Smart Paper? Afterwards, simply convert the recording to digital text through the built-in Microsoft Engine--saving you hours of transcription time. You can also translate handwritten notes into any language, plus sign and share digital documents instantly. All of which you can access from your phone or laptop via the Lenovo Smart Paper App.

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