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Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Disc 22mm Set of 24 Shades

Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Disc 22mm Set of 24 Shades

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Watercolour Discs Cassette of 24

The Koh-I-Noor Standard Set Contains A Compact And Convenient Mixture Of Watercolour Discs That Twist Together For Easy Use In Both Classroom And Outdoor Work. Each Disc Contains Six Long-Lasting Watercolour Tablets Which Have Deep Coloured Pigments, Translucent Colour, Good Tinting Strength And Light Fastness. These Watercolour Sets Have Been A Favourite Product Amongst Schools And Beginner Artists.

It comes in 24 assorted intense, brilliant watercolours. There are 4 cassettes, each measuring 80 mm in diameter, and each round cassette houses six colours. These convenient discs are stackable and interlocked, ideal for easy use and storage. The trays are topped with a crystal clear plastic lid that can also be used as a mixing tray.

  • 24 assorted intense watercolours
  • 4 stackable and interlock-able discs
  • Easy to store
  • Clear lid that can be used as a mixing tray
  • Each watercolour measures 22mm in diameter

Part: KOH171506

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