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Jovi Plastic Crayons Jar of 144 [Erasable]

Jovi Plastic Crayons Jar of 144 [Erasable]

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Erasable Plastic Crayons

These crayons are well known for their durability, radiant colours, smudge-free and clean drawing. They are easy to sharpen using an ordinary sharpener and can be easily erased using an ordinary eraser. 

Hexagonal Shape

Hexagonal Shape of Jovi Plastic Cyayons

The unique hexagonal shape allows children to grip the crayons firmly and sharpen them easily without slipping. The hexagonal shape of these crayons also prevents them from rolling off desks and breaking.

Expand Drawing Techniques

Jovi plastic crayons help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, object manipulation, creativity, visual sensory processing as they draw lump-free smooth uniform lines with these odourless and  non-toxic crayons. Because these crayons are solid and do not break easily they last longer, you can even use their shavings for expanding drawing techniques. 

Made in Europe

Premium European Quality - Jovi has been dedicated to producing outstanding creative products since 1939. Made in Barcelona, Spain, Jovi products are Nontoxic, CPSIA-certified, and gluten-free!

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