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Alphabet Legends

Diva Legends Alphabet Book 0-12 Years

Diva Legends Alphabet Book 0-12 Years

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Alphabet Book

From Adele to Madonna, Stevie Nicks to Whitney Houston, Diva Legends Alphabet explores the A to Z of powerful female soloists who have broken boundaries for women in modern music. Get this book under the spotlight, as it's sure to be a smash hit with your little diva.

 Beck Feiner is an acclaimed Australian illustrator and author. She illustrates with a vibrancy and a joie de vivre that is infectious, while tackling subject matter that is poignant and ‘of the moment’ - but always with a smile. Her first book - Aussie Legends Alphabet - an enormous hit in Australia, was the catalyst for the creation of the Alphabet Legends publishing house. Beck established herself in the United States with the best seller Lady Legends Alphabet, and has since followed this up with a catalogue of over 50 hit titles. Under the Alphabet Legends brand, Beck has released titles about music and sport. Titles about art, food, dance, and religion. Titles that celebrate equality, diversity and freedom. And even titles about cult film and television.

  • Premium finish hardcover book - 56 pages case bound
  • Packaged in a beautifully designed and re-enforced bookwrap
  • The perfect size at "8.2 x "8.1
  • A portion of the proceeds are donated to UNICEF Australia
  • Age Suitability: 0-12 years


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