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Watercolour Paint

Derwent academy watercolour paints are made from a single pigment formula ensuring that the watercolour is purer in hue, vibrancy and transparency. The Derwent Academy watercolour paints deliver with strong tinting strength, levelling capacities and on lightfastness to preserve your artwork. Available in a wide range of versatile colours that can be used straight from the tube. Use straight from the tube or dilute with water to achieve various watercolour effects. Made from rich pigments and an easy to use formulation, creating transparent washes of colour.

Derwent Academy Water Colour Paints

  • 12 ml tubes
  • Pack of 12
  • Single pigment formula
  • Lightfast colours
  • Can be used straight from tube or mix with water

Supplier Code: R33015

ITEM: Derwent Academy Water Colour Paints Pack 12

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