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Collins Workplace Injury & Investigation Register 50 Leaf A4

Collins Workplace Injury & Investigation Register 50 Leaf A4

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Workplace Injury & Investigation Register

Collins Workplace & Injury register is perfect for your business to maintain requirements for ACC programmes. It is simple to use with flowchart instructions and convenient three forms for recording injury or incident, investigation and serious harm. It helps register injuries and conduct investigations, critical workplace health and safety management components. Here's how you can approach registering injuries and conducting investigations effectively.

Collins Workplace Injury & Investigation Register 50 Leaf A4

  • Maintain a comprehensive record of all workplace injuries, illnesses, and accidents. This information is crucial for legal compliance, analysis, and improvement.
  • Record Details: Record the following information in your injury register:
  • Date, time, and location of the incident.
  • Names and details of the individuals involved (victims, witnesses, and supervisors).
  • Description of the incident, injury, or illness.
  • Contributing factors or causes.
  • Immediate actions taken (first aid, medical treatment, etc.).
  • Severity of the injury.
  • Whether the incident was reported to higher management or regulatory authorities.

Recommendations: Collins Workplace Injury & Investigation Register helps develop recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future. These could involve changes in procedures, additional training, improved equipment maintenance, etc.

  1. Report: Compile a comprehensive report detailing the incident, the investigation process, findings, and recommendations. This report can serve as a valuable reference for improving workplace safety.

  2. Implement Changes: Once the recommendations are approved, implement the necessary changes promptly.

  3. Communication: Keep employees and relevant stakeholders informed about the incident, the investigation results, and the measures taken to prevent future incidents.

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