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Casio FX-8200 AU Scientific Calculator with Emulator Black

Casio FX-8200 AU Scientific Calculator with Emulator Black

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Casio FX-8200 AU Calculator

Casio’s most advanced scientific calculator approved by Australian Exam Authorities.

Retaining all the great features of the fx-82AU PLUS II and fx-100AU PLUS 2nd edition, the fx-8200 AU brings a significant increase in functionality and user experience. It features the highly anticipated emulator software, as well as valuable teaching resources are also available. 


The web-based fx-8200 AU emulator ensures access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Use this software to seamlessly emulate the operations of your fx-8200 AU using, a browser based service, meaning you can access your  fx-8200 AU software across both laptop and tablet. Available now, the emulator is free to access through Prime Schools Plus. 

Casio FX-8200 AU Scientific Calculator Black

Emulator Features

  • STICKY NOTES: provides you with “Paper” and “Sticky notes”. Sticky notes are used to add mathematical formulas, Graphs, Spreadsheets, and Geometry shapes.The interfaces allows you to create a pop-up screen, displaying key formulas or steps as you work. All elements are both resizable and can be deleted so you can create a bespoke display. You can then attach Sticky notes to wherever you want on your Paper to create original teaching materials.
  • GRAPHING FUNCTIONS: Show graphs of functions tabulated on the fx-8200 AU. The simultaneous display of graphs and the slider function helps to deepen students’ understanding of mathematics.

  • VISUALISE PROBABILITES - Analyse probabilities and statistical data using various approaches within a single screen.
  • EXPLORE GEOMETRIC PRINCIPLES: Explore geometric principles (and more) using the functionality of Create freehand graphics using geometry functions, including the ability to freely alter the shape of graphics and automatically calculate length, area, angle and so on. 


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