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Brainstorm Toys

Brainstorm Toys The Classic Animation Toy - Zoetrope

Brainstorm Toys The Classic Animation Toy - Zoetrope

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Zoetrope - The Classic Animation Toy

The Zoetrope is the best-known of several animation toys that were invented in the 19th century, a time when people first discovered ways to make still pictures move. The Zoetrope first appeared in England in 1834, France in 1860, and the United States in 1867. Named by its French inventor, Pierre Desvignes, this amazing toy is still a classic today.

Simply add a strip of still pictures to your Zoetrope – spin and see them move. Use the blank strips to draw your pictures and bring them to life. Includes 18 animation strips and six draw-your-own. Secret code unlocks online information about the history and science of the Zoetrope. Learn about the Phi phenomenon and how the principles of the Zoetrope influence filmmaking today.

  • The Classic Animation Toy – invented in the 19th century
  • See still images come to life
  • Fascinating science toy - be amazed!
  • With 18 printed & six draw-your-own strips
  • The magic of animation

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