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Brainstorm Toys

Brainstorm Toys My First Magnet Kit 20 Piece

Brainstorm Toys My First Magnet Kit 20 Piece

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My First Magnet Kit

Explore magnetism with this colourful kit for early learners. Discover magnetic fields, force, and attraction. Make a temporary magnet. Learn about polarity. Make magnets float, bounce, and jump!

Includes a strong magnet wand, two strong block magnets, a horseshoe magnet, three-ring magnets with pencil, encased iron filings, 10 magnetic chips, leaflet. Colourful leaflet has fun magnet facts. What is a magnet? What is a lodestone? Is the Earth a magnet? Then use the enclosed secret code to unlock 10 online experiments.

Do not use magnets near to TVs, computers, phones, credit cards, cassettes, or other magnetic media.

  • Magnet kit for early learners
  • Colourful 20-piece set
  • Leaflet has fun magnet facts
  • Secret code unlocks 10 online experiments
  • Perfect for young scientists!
  • Learn about magnetic fields, force and attraction
  • Make magnets float, bounce and jump!

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