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BIC Correction Tape Wite Out 4.2mm x 12m Assorted

BIC Correction Tape Wite Out 4.2mm x 12m Assorted

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 Correction Tape Wite-Out

BIC Correction tape Wite-Out is perfect for office, home or school use for correcting mistakes on your documents. The correction tape provides one line of coverage, 4.2mm wide, on ink, photocopies, permanent markers or faxes, it applies dry and can be written on immediately. BIC correction tape wite-out is extra-long (12m) and has an iconic sidewinding dispensing system allowing you to see what you are doing while applying the correction tape.  It features a tear-resistant polyester film that applies cleanly and is easy to write on. The tape level is visible through the transparent body.

BIC Correction Tape Wite Out 4.2nn x 12m

  • Side-dispensing correction tape
  • Extra-long 4.2mm x 12m
  • Visible tape level through the translucent body
  • Tear-resistant polyester film
  • Applies dry, write over instantly 
  • Covers photocopies, faxes, ink, permanent marker and more
  • Made in Japan
  • Assorted colours supplied at random

Part: 75052323 / 75052324

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