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Learnwell Year 2 English Start Right Workbook

Learnwell Year 2 English Start Right Workbook

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Year 2 English Workbook

New Edition - Eileen Ogden

Year 2 English Workbook completes coverage of Level One of The New Zealand Curriculum – English.

It is set out in an attractive, write-on format, to engage young learners (typically, 6-year-old and 7-year-old students) in ‘making meaning’ and ‘creating meaning’ in English. 

This is the second of the eight Start Right English Workbooks that together cover Levels One, Two, Three and Four of The New Zealand Curriculum – English

Year 2 English Workbook has the following features.

  • It is divided into the curriculum learning strands for English, namely ‘Listening, Reading, and Viewing’ and ‘Speaking, Writing, and Presenting’.
  • The specific curriculum Achievement Objective being covered is given at the foot of each page, as a reference for parents/teachers.
  • It contains plenty of exercises that provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge and practise skills.
  • It provides a wide variety of contexts for learning.
  • Extensive use is made of New Zealand stories and examples to illustrate concepts.
  • Answers are provided as a guide to student responses and to aid understanding.

Published: 09/2022

ISBN: 978-1-990015-64-9

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