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FIMO Modelling Clay Glitter 6 Colours 252g [6 x 42g]

FIMO Modelling Clay Glitter 6 Colours 252g [6 x 42g]

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Modelling Clay

Fimo, the popular polymer clay noted for its firmness, is now available in a softer, easier-to-condition form. The softer formula makes it easier for children to use, though it still retains its firmness and durability after baking. Suitable for professional crafters, artists and novice users. Easy to work with, blocks are soft and pliable. Knead it, blend it, shape it and harden in the oven. Fimo has a high breaking resistance after oven hardening. Oven-bake at 110C (230F) for 30 minutes to achieve permanently hardened models. The clay also has a versatile application; once baked the clay can be cut, drilled, painted, and sanded. Colours are fade-proof, odourless, and washable. Packaging and contents may vary.
FIMO Modelling Clay Glitter 6 Colours 252g [6 x 42g]
  • New oven-hardening modelling clay was developed specifically to satisfy the needs of children
  • Softer than FIMO soft
  • Fosters creativity, fine motor skills and spatial perception
  • Particularly soft handing and shaping
  • Easy to blend
  • Divided into 8 portions
  • CE-certified product
  • Easy to open, resealable packaging
  • Neutral smelling
  • Extensive range of blocks sets and accessories
  • Child-friendly accessories

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