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DAS Tempera Watercolour Blocks Extra Large Set of 6 in Tray

DAS Tempera Watercolour Blocks Extra Large Set of 6 in Tray

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Tempera Watercolour Paint Blocks / Discs

DAS Tempera Blocks are manufactured using only the finest pigments, binders and fillers which means they are not liable to crack or crumble. Our blocks provide a smooth opaque colour that features a high degree of brilliance and lightfastness.

This set of twelve assorted tempera paint blocks is the perfect no-fuss way to kick start creativity. Simply wet your brush with water and sweep it across the paint block to get bright, fun, ready to use watercolour paint. Each disc contains compressed tempera watercolour paint that produces bold and vivid colours perfect for your art projects. Compatible with a variety of mediums including gel extenders, impasto gel, moulding paste and more. The paint blocks never dry out, making them a great solution to avoid wasted paint. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Suitable for use on newsprint, cartridge paper and lightweight card.

  • Set of 6 assorted tempera paint blocks
  • Size: Diameter 55mm x Height: 20mm
  • Compatible with a variety of paint mediums
  • High-quality pigments
  • Brilliant opaque colours
  • Will not crack or crumble
  • A high degree of lightfastness
  • Comes in a tray that can be used for colour mixing


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