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Staedtler Mars Drawing Board Drafting Machine 661 A3

Staedtler Mars Drawing Board Drafting Machine 661 A3

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A3 Drawing Board Drafting Machine

Staedtler A3 drawing drafting boards are stable tools perfect for engineers, designers and architects to create technical drawings and architectural drawings like - Floor plans, Elevations, Sections and Perspective drawings.

Staedtler Mars Drawing Board Drafting Machine 661 A3

They are scaled plastic boards designed specifically for technical drawing to draw parallel lines quickly and precisely, e.g. for three-dimensional projections and much more. They feature a mechanical device with rail-mounted rulers that run horizontally and vertically at an exact 90° angle. These rulers are used to determine straight lines and angle precisely and are individually adjustable. This makes it much easier to work on technical drawings. These drawing boards/drafting boards have a locking mechanism, so you can set the rulers at any position as you work. This ensures everything stays in place and nothing can slip. 

  • Parallel drafting arm, with a double-sided scale
  • Convenient single-hand double locking mechanism for setting at any position on the rail
  • Twin rail for incredibly smooth, even gliding of the ruler 
  • Colour indicator shows whether locked or unlocked
  • Sheet clamping strips on both sides of the drawing board for fastening of paper
  • Scale with needle hole for precise compass radius setting
  • Made of sturdy, break-resistant plastic
  • With non-slip rubber feet

Part: 661 A3

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