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Magnetic Whiteboard Note Board

This ruled magnetic note board is perfect for an office or school use for taking everyday notes or using it as a to-do list board. The whiteboard can be cleanly erased offering you flexibility with corrections or addition of new notes. You can either leave this compact note board on your desk or fix it on a wall. This lined note board whiteboard also comes with a self-adhesive magnetic strip to easily attach it on other surfaces. It also comes with a marker and magnet.

  • Magnetic whiteboard note board
  • Ruled and numbered from 1-13
  • Includes whiteboard marker
  • Includes magnet
  • Includes self-adhesive magnetic strip
  • Size 149 mm x 210 mm

ITEM: FM Magnetic Whiteboard Note Board 149×210 mm with Marker and Magnet Lb-1026

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